Heart of the Sidhe

Kidnapped by faeries and thrust into a deadly, magical realm, 16th century farm girl Branwen must  fight her way to freedom. After suffering devastating losses at the faerie prison known as the Red Keep, Branwen escapes only to be recaptured by the evil harpy Celaeno and her vicious court. With death imminent, Branwen and her companions invoke an ancient rite to grant them an audience with the King of the Sídhe, where they must prove their valor and loyalty in exchange for their lives.

Now freed from Celaeno and pledged to the King’s Court, Branwen is determined to find a way home. However, her desire to leave becomes less urgent as she is enchanted by the true beauty and magic of the Sídhe…and the King. Her feelings for him grow along with her newly awakened magic. Branwen begins to wonder what it would be like to stay in the Sídhe forever, but soon she discovers the King’s Court is not the idyllic refuge it first seemed. 

A series of murders reveals treachery within the King’s Court. One of Celaeno’s spies has breached the King’s inner circle, and Branwen and her companions must find the traitor before they become the next victims. During her search, Branwen uncovers a nasty truth—time in the Sídhe runs differently than in the human realm. For every day she spends with the King, a full year passes in the Mundane. Desperate to return home, Branwen must make a dangerous deal or risk losing her family forever.



Series: Heart of the Sidhe, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old farm girl Branwen isn't afraid of the ancient burial mound hidden within the Welsh forest of Bryn Celli Ddu. The tales of its mystery and magic thrill her—until that same strange power drags her, kicking and screaming, through the dark tomb and into the realm of the fae.

Escape seems nearly impossible when she is captured by servants of the vicious harpy-queen Celaeno. Branwen must use all of her wits and determination to survive in a cruel and beautiful land called the Sídhe, where everything—even kindness—has its price. When her indomitable spirit finally earns her a chance at freedom, Branwen must decide what or who she is willing to sacrifice in order to return home.

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